The Top Questions to Ask Your Fence & Deck Contractor

If you are considering hiring a professional fencing contractor, there are few questions you'll want to ask before getting started:

Some of the services we offer.

1) Ask if a deposit is required...

Ask if a deposit is required - Reputable contractor must carry a license with the province of Alberta to take a deposit under the fair trade act.

2) Ask about qualifications...

Ask about qualifications such as red seal “journeyman carpenter”-hiring an experienced fence builder is as risky as hiring a “handyman” uneducated about the fundamentals of construction. A fence may cost less, but there are many risks involved. There are also building codes when it comes to building a fence- we invest in keeping up with updates with the building code. Licenses, liability insurance, WCB is just a part of being a responsible business. Knowledge, education, experience in the construction industry is priceless.

3) Ask about the building process...

3) Ask about the building process- do you just sign a contract and the way they go? No- at Calgary Fence Builders we utilize a “sign off” process that involves the homeowner every step of the way. To make sure you are always aware of what is going on at all times.

4) Ask about property lines...

Ask about property lines, if you want to maximize and stay complaint and not encroach onto your neighbors property or the city’s property you must hire an educated and competent contractor with the proper surveying tools that cares about the liability on our interests when it comes to encroachment.

Usually fences fall centered on property lines, but there are circumstances that will only allow us to build 100% on our client’s property.

As you know some properties are not a perfect square so the contractor must make calculations based on the Real Property Report (in a perfect world all the dimensions will be there) but if property pins are not available. What would others do?

We take our time to make sure this is covered before the “shovel hits the dirt” there is nothing worse than finding out years down the road that the company you hired to build your fence is causing you troubles when put your home in the market because of encroaching issues. BE real careful “anybody can build a fence” but there is more to it that wood, concrete, and fasteners.

Fence builders usually don't need to get building permits but there are still codes that still need to be followed such as maximum heights and more.

5) Ask about variations with your original quote...

Ask about variations with your original quote- our estimators will walk you through and make you aware of the process, we view any charges invalid without proper permission and documentation from the client.

6) Ask your deck or fence builder about fasteners...

Ask your deck or fence builder about fasteners; There is a lot of fuss and talk about what is better, a qualified and educated journeyman carpenter knows that nails and screws have two different properties “Nails will fail much sooner than screws in the same applications” ( a quote made by our competitor) We hope they did some R&D to prove this. You'll need to ensure that you are hiring a company that is using only outdoor fasteners to fit the material being used. Proper placement of a specific fastener on a specific joint is where it falls- we set the standard by using both fasteners, putting them in right places that these two very different fasteners were designed to do.

7) Ask about a warranty...

Ask about a warranty – At Calgary Fence Builders we offer a comprehensive warranty- explained at the estimating process. Most contractors offer a vague warranty, make sure you are aware of what is covered and what is not.

Continuous Cap Wood Fence
Continuous Cap Fence

Our most popular and highly recommended design

  • Clean lines, looks the exact same on both sides.
  • Rigid and real sturdy made possible by the interconnected top cap.
  • Offered in any material type SPF, PT, CEDAR, exotic wood*

Unity at its best, keeping everything posts are supported by the next. Not one is to stand alone- together is stronger.

Custom Wooden Gates Calgary
Custom Gates

Looking to add a unique touch to your brand new fence or wanting to replace an old existing one? Satisfaction guaranteed. Don’t follow the pack, create your gate your way, complementing your home and adding curb appeal to your property.

Fence and Landscape Services
Fence and Landscaping Packages

Did natural forces take over your backyard? Do you want to reclaim it? As the years pass by, nature tend to take what’s hers back- why fight it- co-exist in harmony using natural products that come from nature and a little TLC to keep nature at bay.

This specific project was only for a fence re-build, but one crew members noticed that the landscape needed some TLC… after a brief chat with the client, she was delighted to begin reclaiming the space and keeping it that way for years to come.

Don’t fight with nature, Co-exist in harmony.

Fence and Sod Package
Fence and Sod Packages

Tired of being left in the dust? Many assume that a brand new home will come with a fence and turf so your family could enjoy the outdoors. Unfortunately, your new home does not come with these essential parts. Not to worry, Calgary Fence Builders offer Fence and Sod Packages getting you the privacy you need and getting rid of that annoying dust.

Fortress Style Fence
Fortress Style Fence

Another favorite style by our clients, the protruding posts allow for further unique personal enhancement adding post caps, solar lights... The options are unlimited.

Constructing a sloped, stepping, or level fence pose some challenges; our experienced professionals will make sure you are satisfied with the dips and the rises prior to construction.

It’s your fence and it will be there for the life of your home, we make sure that the sight of this essential structure is a delight to your eyes- not a sore.

Innovative Bracing System
Post Bracing System

Posts are the foundation of a long lasting fence and we take great care that these structural components are to be done perfectly not just good enough.

The advantages of using our bracing system vs. the typical sticks method is that it allows for us to make small adjustment making sure posts are set perfectly vertical- that’s done using a level. Improperly installed posts that are set slightly off have a tendency to keep going that way- it’ll look like somebody pushed your posts over.

What did the big bad wolf do to the house made of sticks? We’d like to see that wolf try to blow-off our braces- it will surely just run out of breath.

Shadow Board Wood Fence
Shadow Board Style Fence

Privacy of a fence, yet allowing for light to shine through? Then the Shadow Board is for you. Similar to the Continuous Cap design offers the same structural advantage.

  • Clean lines, looks the exact same on both sides.
  • Rigid and real sturdy made possible by the interconnected top cap.
  • Offered in any material type SPF, PT, CEDAR, exotic wood*